10 Work From Home Jobs for 2017

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With the right skills, you can land a legitimate work-from-home job.

Just a couple of decades agone, the overwhelming majority of work-at-home job opportunities were faraway from profitable. And before the dawn of the net, it absolutely was abundant more durable to type through the scams and also the real opportunities.

Some of the “gotcha” job offers from the past embrace check-cashing schemes, mystery looking, medical asking “jobs” that need you to buy valuable pc software package, and craft-making jobs that raise you to give the money for materials before you start. And let’s not ditch the celebrated envelope-stuffing scam that was nothing quite a strategy designed to siphon cash from as many of us as potential.

As the previous expression goes: “If it sounds too smart to be true, it most likely is.” however is it?

In 2017, the questionable work-at-home jobs are still out there. however enhancements in technology and also the birth of social media have ushered in a very new wave of such jobs that are literally legitimate. look into these real work-at-home jobs for 2017 and beyond:

Virtual Assistant

With such a lot of businesses operational principally, or maybe utterly, online, it’s no surprise that several rent virtual assistants to assist keep them organized and complete body tasks. consistent with the International Virtual Assistants Association, these staff ar “independent contractors World Health Organization (from a foreign location, typically their home or office) support multiple shoppers in a very style of industries by providing body, creative, and technical services.”

Although virtual assistant jobs vary drastically, tasks will embrace composing and responding to emails, making and distributing business-related documents, responding to media and business inquiries, writing and making content, and more. look into virtual assistant jobs at sites like Upwork.com, Zirtual.com, or ODesk.com.

Medical Transcriptionist

Although several medical transcriptionists work for hospitals or physician’s offices, most ar ready to work home, and at a time or place of their selecting. Since their tasks involve transcribing recorded medical dictation, a computer, desk, and phone ar typically the sole needs once finishing a postsecondary medical transcriptionist program.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), medical transcriptionists attained a national median wage of $35,490 in 2013, or $16.63 an hour. though several medical transcriptionists ar freelance, several notice jobs through their native hospital, physician, or junior college or middle school.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most translators do their work home, and sometimes beneath tight deadlines. though some would like a bachelor’s degree, the foremost vital demand for translators is, of course, fluency in a minimum of 2 languages.

As the BLS notes, around 2 hundredth of translators were freelance in 2013. the bulk were unfold among these industries: skilled, scientific, and technical services (30%); state, local, and personal instructional services (25%); health care and national assistance (13%); and government (7%).

The national median wage for this career was $42,420 in 2013, though the highest 100% of staff attained a mean of $77,140. search for job postings for translators on sites like Upwork.com and ODesk.com.

Web Developer

It’s fairly simple to make your own web site if you're taking advantage of the numerous free learning opportunities on-line. However, abundant of the population isn’t equipped to make their own website, or doesn’t have the time, that is why such a lot of folks create a living building websites and blogs for others. consistent with the BLS, around twenty fifth of net developers were freelance in 2012, with the overwhelming majority ready to work home, or anyplace with a laptop computer and speedy net affiliation.

Even higher, the national median wage for net developers was $63,160 in 2013, with the highest 100% earning a mean of $110,350. And you sometimes don’t would like a sophisticated degree to start operating during this field. All you wish is a few postsecondary education, applicable expertise, and a portfolio of roaring sites you’ve engineered and managed. There ar even intensive secret writing boot camps designed to show programming skills in precisely a couple of short months.

10 work from home jobs for 2017
10 Work from home jobs for 2017

Travel Agent

Although the demand is anticipated to decrease over succeeding decade, the opportunities square measure still there for travel agents WHO will harness the web to earn purchasers and facilitate them set up their adventures. in step with the BLS, job prospects is also best for travel agents WHO provide experience in bound regions of the planet, have expertise designing tours or adventures, or WHO specialise in cluster travel.

About twelve-tone music of travel agents were freelance in 2012, however the overwhelming majority of the remainder of them worked within the travel arrangement and reservation services trade. Travel agents attained a national median wage of $34,530 in 2013.

Freelance author

More than ever, writers ar required to formulate news articles, produce content, and are available up with the artistic ideas that fill the pages of nearly each website on the net. And though several larger sites have in-house writers, a growing range of web sites source their content and rent freelance writers and content creators. Writing expertise is extremely useful, however what you actually have to be compelled to start ar drive, ambition, and also the ability to search out a novel angle on events that happen daily.

Sites like Upwork.com and ODesk.com list on-line freelancing positions, as will Freelancer.com. to induce employed, you'll seemingly have to be compelled to have a portfolio of labor, or a minimum of some writing samples you'll embody together with your resume.

Social Media Manager

Almost each business sector has gotten on the social media bandwagon as a way to succeed in their customers directly, and while not paying heavily for tv, print, or radio ads. however not each business sector has somebody to manage their social media accounts, that is why a lot of people have begun promoting themselves as social media managers and serving to businesses grow their on-line following and expand their reach.

Although little or no knowledge ar accessible for this work-at-home job since it's comparatively new, thousands of listings for social media managers may be found on sites like CareerBuilder.com, SimplyHired.com, and Upwork.com. If you have got a incontestable  command of social media and a large following, you may even be able to start by reaching dead set corporations directly and asking if they have facilitate.

Data Entry

A wide vary of companies would like employees to enter varied knowledge into their systems, whether or not that knowledge ar wont to track inventory or shipments, produce business plans, or live performance or output. And since a laptop and typewriting skills ar the foremost vital necessities for this job, several knowledge entry employees ar able to work home, and on a schedule that matches their lives.

According to the BLS, knowledge entry employees attained a national median wage of $28,470 in 2013, though the highest 100% attained a lot of like $42,120. Since several knowledge entry jobs ar at-home jobs, you'll perpetually notice dozens of knowledge entry job postings on sites like Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, and SimplyHired.com, still as dozens of others.

Call-Center Representative

Many businesses would like employees WHO will answer the phone in any respect hours, assist customers, and method orders or influence returns. however since a lot of businesses ar operative on-line, a growing range of those jobs ar about to client service employees WHO work home.

Being Associate in Nursing at-home call-center rep needs a laptop and will need specific code or instrumentation. an excellent phone voice helps still, as will any expertise in client service, data entry, retail sales, or management. Dozens of web sites list job openings for call-center representatives, together with Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, and SimplyHired.com. However, you will additionally notice listings offered by native businesses in your native newspaper.


Becoming a blogger is in contrast to the other work-at-home job therein you have got to point out up and build it yourself. Even worse, the overwhelming majority of blogs build zero greenbacks for years as they grow and become established. therein sense, blogging isn’t abundant of employment in any respect.

However, there's plenty of potential for writers WHO ar able to build Associate in Nursing audience, grow their website, Associate in Nursingd notice how to legitimise it and begin earning an financial gain. a number of the ways that bloggers build cash embody affiliate advertising, sponsored posts, Google Adsense, and merchandise sales.

Even higher, owning a journal may be a cheap thanks to begin your own business, with domains cost accounting a mean of $12 annually and net hosting cost accounting as very little as $7.99 per month.

Finding Work-From-Home Jobs

Besides those listed on top of, different websites that provide job postings embrace Monster.com, Indeed.com, Guru.com, iFreelance.com, and Freelanced.com. once looking out a standard job website like Monster or so, use keywords like “telecommute” or “work-from-home” and enter “anywhere” or “remote” within the location field.

When you begin longing for work-at-home jobs, it’s crucial that you just produce a whole resume. And if you’ve done any on-line work, it'd facilitate to produce links thereto work. References facilitate, too, particularly if you'll be able to list anyone UN agency has overseen work you have got wiped out any of those fields.

Is This Work-From-Home Job a Scam?

Even though there area unit several legitimate work-at-home opportunities, the scams of years agone still exist. however it’s up to you to search out them and steer clear, and it’s not forever straightforward to inform the $64000 deal from a scam.

According to the National customers League and Fraud.org, there area unit some steps to require and signs to look at out for once you’re beginning your hunt for a work-at-home job:

Research, research, research: It’s vital to grasp precisely whom you’re operating for. after you realize employment posting you’re inquisitive about, take special care to analysis the corporate that’s hiring. Check them out with the higher Business Bureau and conduct an online hunt for any complaints or less-than-stellar reviews.
Ask for references: Any company that’s hiring employees to figure reception might need others operating for them also. raise what percentage and resolve if you’re ready to contact any of them. If they're unwilling to produce references or contact info, it'd not be a decent sign.
Think long and laborious before distributing any money: Some work-at-home jobs would force you to buy materials or instrumentality to urge started, and whereas that doesn’t mean they’re not legitimate, it ought to be a red flag. If you're asked to acquire instrumentality, confirm you perceive what you’re shopping for, and from whom. additionally raise concerning the come policy for your instrumentality if your new gig doesn’t estimate.
Many on-line job platforms like Upwork.com even have their own system for recognizing and removing job scams. consistent with the location, several of them involve “employers” UN agency try and pay employees outside the site’s payment system, and have interaction in some variety of check or draft fraud. For a lot of tips about avoiding job scams on freelancing sites, examine it here.

Working at house is a dream of the many, and due to technology, that dream is coming back true for a lot of individuals than ever. however if you would like to figure reception, you’ll have to be compelled to analysis the chances and develop the talents needed for several of those jobs.

So what area unit you waiting for? With the correct skills, you'll be engaging at aim 2017.

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