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How Donald Trump Managed His Money By Selling Some Books?!

Today is Donald Trump's birthday and he is making fun at Greensboro.

Let's talks the reality here!
Why he is rich. We know that he inherited 150million dollars from his father, but if he could not manage them as well , no one  would have ever heard of him.

How did he managed his money?
He knows that writting books, and telling the people how he have spented years to be rich, this is the best way that he managed his money and become and become more rich today.
You know that books with titles "How to be rich" are in trend nowadays, this is the reason why he wrote his books.

Write and sell ebooks on amazon
Write and sell ebooks on amazon and make some cash from it

So the question is can you do it yourself?
Yes, you can! You can write a book and be a seller right now, and maybe a bestseller of 2016
just by writing books that are in trend today.

You can sell on amazon, kobo , and what are the other websites that I don't even know because has many other websites about selling e-books online.

This can help you get some stuff and by this you can invest those money in something bigger and bigger and bigger.

My proposal is get ready and start now, change the rules you have had before.
I have studied this for months maybe years, and I got myself ready to start a business , I mean an online business whatever it is, just start it now and never give up.
The truth is that if you Schedule your work, your day, your exams, your workout, your sleep you will never have a bad life, I am saying this by myself because I have passed these things, and I know what they are if you don't make a schedule of your daylifetime.

So my propsal is that take your life in your hands and go for it.

I will tell the truth about me, that I am the CEO of this blog, but I have not told that I am just 18 years old and I will be 19 and some weeks, and another day after this maybe after some months, I will tell a story about my life getting in to this and what made my succes to be in this in what I am today.

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