How to Make Working Online a Passion

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Nowadays, people most of the time they like to stay on their phone, watching around in social networks, making selfies everywhere they go etc etc... Do you think that this isn't so important then your health. I have been reading so many stories in internet and seeing so many articles about these 'drugs' (smartphones) , that are a risk for our healthy daylifetime.
I like telling stories to people just to help them, trying to say them to not waste their time staying in social networks all the time and they are forgetting maybe a little bit of their healthy, they should do some exercises to stay in line even if they work online that's the point I want to say. I am telling you that starting to make money online it isn't such a hard way as you think,  but you should make a new passion about it , you should do it passion.


But how?
Working online and making money online is a hard way for those people who don'have passion about it, I am talking for those people who want to go in moon without any transportation , just 'flying'...No it isn't like that, this work I mean working online doesn't need 'flying' (with flying I mean going to fast to money) it doesn't work like that. So I am telling the point you should have PASSION.

Do what you love. Love what you do
Do what you love. Love what you do.


For example you are thinking to start blogging online and writing articles about anything that you don't know what it is, you must learn it and do that a passion, so writing is a passion too.
Writing articles is a boring job if you don't have a passion for it but you can make it passion by
compensating it with something, and this something is by starting a 'fitnesslife' at your home. But the most important thing is you should make a schedule , because scheduling is what makes your life better and it remembers you if you remember it too by not forgetting exercises & workout time.

Have many apps out there to make schedules and fitness plan on your smartphone if you are an android or ios user it absolutely doesn't matter.

So to make a passion whatever it is you must and you should fill the gap with something that's better for your healthy daylifetime.

And if your are working right now, why you just don't start to make a plan for 'fitnesslife' and starting the exercises & workout in time.

Life is too short, start making it better for you right now, in this moment. Because after a second the time just have gone.

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