21 Work From Home Translator Jobs

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If you are fluent in another language, you may be able to find work as a work from home translator. The companies below all regularly seek out people who are bilingual to work from home doing translation/interpretation work.

Do you speak a Foreign Language? Become a translator! And work at Home
Do you speak a Foreign Language? Become a translator! And work at Home

  • Airbnb – Occasionally has openings for freelance/remote translators for various languages.
  • American Journal Experts – Hires remote contract translators for various languages.
  • Cyracom – Hires contract interpreters. Make your own schedule and hours. Must have degree in interpretation.
  • Gengo –  Hundreds of professional work from home translators like you earn extra income via Gengo. Sign up now for access to no-hassle, no-obligation translation jobs. Twice monthly pay.
  • Language Line –  Language Line is frequently hiring for work at home interpreters in various languages.
  • Certified Languages – Hires language interpreters from the US with two or more years experience.
  • Interpbridge – This is Lionbridge’s interpretation division.
  • Andovar – Hires freelance translators and editors. Must have relevant experience.
  • Language Scientific – Occasionally has home-based positions open for experienced translators.
  • Language Service Associates – Regularly hiring virtual sign language interpreters, face to face interpreters, telephonic interpreters, and translators.
  • Multilingual Connections – This company has openings for home-based translators and interpreters.
  • Rev – Often in need of freelance translators. Make your own schedule and get paid weekly with Paypal.
  • Translators Town – Like most other freelancer sites except this one lets you bid on translation jobs.
  • Transparent Language – Hiring remote workers worldwide. Lots of different languages accepted.
  • Transperfect – This company occasionally hires remote interpreters on a freelance basis.
  • Pacific Interpretation – Hiring remote workers for telephonic interpretation of many different languages.
  • Proz – This is a great resource for finding freelance translator jobs from home.
  • Verbal Ink –  Hires US based work from home translators. Must pass a skills test and background check.
  • Verbalizeit –– Hires freelancers for interpretation, translation, and transcription. Work on your own schedule and get paid every 15 days with Paypal.
  • Verilogue – Hires remote medical translators and transcribers. You will need to have some prior medical transcription experience to get this freelance position.
  • World Lingo – Hires freelance translators to work from home.

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