What is one thing that you can do everyday that can change your life?

7:46:00 PM

Imagine yourself as an old man in the deathbed, dying full of regrets.
Go with this image: you’re 70, gasping your last breaths, and thinking about all those missed opportunities.
The girl at that party in your teens you were too shy to talk to.

The course you didn’t take in your twenties because you were too lazy to learn.

The startup you always dreamed of launching in your thirties, but you never dared to.

The moments you wished you spent with your parents in your forties, before they passed away of old age.

The healthy lifestyle you wish you kept when you were young, so that your body wouldn’t start failing in your fifties.

The investments you never made, so that you could enjoy a great retirement in your sixties, and leave something behind for your children.

The things you wish you did, so that you could not have such regrets in your seventies.
Seize the moment. No regrets.

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