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Well, in this post I am going to catch your attention to read it once you see it, and I am not good at doing it but I will try to catch your attention by asking you a question and then you will read my story of what I passed last year and what I learned to reopen my drop shipping business again.
So my question is: Do you want to die as a poor man ?

Now I am going to tell about my story about my drop shipping business that I created last year but that didn't go well because of some mistakes I did, but I learned from those mistakes to create my next big online business in drop shipping.
Image result for failure keep going quotesLast year I had an idea about creating my online business, so I did a research on what products are sold more (here you have the article about it), which merchant company is more eye catchy (more famous) and this kinda things.

I used Google Trends when I researched about products and merchant companies.

And then I started with Teespring , I choosed some products where to focus my self more and what should I design more, I tried designing some quotes on t-shirts and hoodies but that didnt go well because I didn't make a penny from them. But I learned why I didn't quite reached the goal by selling just one of t-shirts that I designed.

I always tried to catch the trending t-shirts by searching on facebook, google, sunfrog most searched words and products , most sold items on amazon, most trendy products on ebay and this kinda things so I designed quotes and many other things that people loved last year but on t-shirts and hoodies.
I did all of this and ...

I failed ...

But that's not the end.
I prepared my self quite good to start again and see what was the mistake I did last year because I didn't make a sell, I didn't make profit from designing logos and quotes on t-shirts.

Do you know that I searched even for catchy names for my store.
And I figured out that many famous companies have something in common and that is the name.
You can see that every famous company have something quite easy and eye catchy.
Let's see Apple Company - catchy name and logo and all.
But that's not the point I figured out that many companies have got their names by fruits, by animals, 

There are many companies that their name is like a fruit or animal, so I started my store with the name of Falcon, even that I searched almost every animal to find this name but again I failed at selling a product.

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If you learn by your mistakes and failures and if you don't forget what you learned than you are a step near your success, but if you forget what you learned from your mistakes and failures, believe me that every failure and mistakes you passed and you did before, they will be repeated again. So it's better to not forget your failures and mistakes but instead of this learn from them.

Now talking about these I didn't told you yet why I failed in my drop shipping business last year. Why though ?
Well, I didn't told you that I didn't have a fanpage, I didn't promoted it, I didn't have a page on instagram nor in facebook.

But now talking about this year, I created both.
I started my drop shipping business for the second time, last year was the first time and now (this year) is the second time I started again from the begining and I changed the name of my store, I also created a facebook fanpage, I created also an instagram page, and also I promoted it.

What was the point that I did some sales just a day after I started my business this year?

Well, this year I figured out some other things that I should do in future to make more sales.
Those things I figured out are about events that come in coming days, or weeks, you also should follow some famous singers to get infos from them for their tour, because sometimes when they go to a concert or something they sometimes create some well designed t-shirts and you could use this to create your t-shirts and then sell them before they do it, and you could sell them to their followers just by following them with your store's fanpage.

I did this, and I made profit from this and I will hope that you will do it too.

I will tell you something again , I said it last year and I will say it again here that Drop Shipping Business isn't Dead yet.

This year my store name is ROSASTORE and is doing well on sales.

If you have any questions about my article or my store or whatever question you have write down on the comments. I would like to help any of you.

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