How to manage and track your time spending on internet

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How do I track my time online?

– I spend a lot of time on the internet, maybe not on the phone but definitely yes on my laptop. So I thought it is best if I track my time spent for some couple of months to see where am I. And I did it through a chrome extension which I am going to talk about it in this article.

Time management - time spent online - browsing activity
How to manage and track your time spent online

What kind of app did I use to track my time online?

– I used an app called TimeStats which I accidentally found at chrome extensions by searching for productivity apps to manage my time, my focus, or my life online. Once I saw it I watched some reviews and some screenshots of it to see if it is a trustworthy app and if it has those features I would like to have. And it really did. So I installed it.
TimeStats - How to manage and track your time spending on internet
TimeStats – This is the picture how it looks like in Chrome Browser

Now I am going to walk you through all the features that this extension has. And it really has some awesome features. You will see yourself, I promise!


– In Dashboard, you can see your time spent online, like which websites you visited much more than the others, also your most watched domain zones. You have to select the date from and to the date you want to see your time spent online. In the right side, you have your daily average browsing time, weekly average browsing time, monthly average browsing time and total browsing time. So my total browsing time spent online from08.02.2018 ( to 22.05.2018 is 27days 3hours 10minutes and 25seconds.
Dashboard - Total browsing time
Dashboard – Your total browsing time

Visited Sites

– This is amazing because you can see your most visited sites. You can also see your total spending time on a particular website, you can see how many days you visited that particular website, you can see your average time spending on that particular site. So you can do all those things for each website that you visited.
Visited Sites - Most visited sites
Visited Sites – Your most visited sites

Domain Zones

– Domain Zones option is about having a view of your most watched domains. Let’s say it more clearly with an example: Facebook domain extension is .comEducational websites have the domain extension .edu like Harvard University for example. So in short words, you can track your time spending in those particular domain extensions.
Domain Zones - most watched domain zones
Domain Zones – Your most watched domain zones

Site Statistics

– In this menu option, you can view your most viewed site statistics, so you can select a particular date from when to when and then choose a site that interests you to watch your statistics and time that you spent on that site through graphical charts. I am going to show you my time statistics about So this is actually during these last 30 days. My real statistics on Facebook from 22nd April of 2018 until today 22nd of May 2018.
Site Statistics - Your site statistics
Site Statistics – Your Time Spending – Site Statistics

Sites Categories

– This section or menu option shows your time spending on sites of different Subjects or Categories. Like Fun categories, education categories, social network categories. Talking about categories, my category is called “Uncategorized” because I didn’t realize that I can choose or edit categories at the start of “this time tracking journey” until after some months before I installed the extension I figured it out. But I haven’t changed it yet and I think I am not gonna do it because it could mix all my statistics. But you can do it if you want to, you can edit your categories at your categories option or just options.
Categories - most watched categories
Sites Categories – Your most watched categories

Daily Statistics

– In this option, you can view your daily browsing activity in a chart. And also you have a list of the websites that you browsed during that particular date. You have the time that you spent on each website showed in percent (%). So you can track your daily online activity at your own pace.
Daily Statistics - Your daily browsing time
Daily Statistics – Your daily browsing time

Show More Options: Busiest Days

– You have an option “Show More” which once you click that you have some really cool other options that you can see in the picture below. Options like: days of the week, monthly statistics, time spent, most visited domains, busiest days, search domains, alerts reports etc.
In this picture, I chose my Busiest Days and then it shows you a list of your busiest days. Then you can click one to see your most viewed websites for that particular date. I chose 17th February 2018 and as you see in the picture below, I spent my time mostly on Facebook, then on filma24 watching movies, then on Youtube, then on Teespring (the store will be online so soon), Instagram etc.
Busiest Days - your busiest days
Busiest Days – Your busiest days

Monthly Statistics

– And this is what impresses me about this app! It’s because I can see the graphic lines of my time spent online during a whole month, as you see I have all of my data from February until now. It’s not from January because I started using this application in February 2018. As you can see in the picture below, this option shows you your total time spent online in days and your average time spent online in hours.
Monthly Statistics - Your monthly browsing time
Monthly Statistics – Your monthly browsing time

Time Spent

– Time Spent under Show More section shows you the time that you spent online with graphical lines. There are an X-axis and Y-axis. Where X-axis represents the date of the months while Y-axis represents your hours spent online during any particular or selective dates.
Time Spent - Your time spent online with graphical lines
Time Spent – Your graphical time spent online


– This is another great feature of this application. So you can choose an alert to tell you when you are out of time staying in a particular site, you can also block an entire website on your browser. In the picture below you will see that I blocked some of my favorite websites that I used to watch movies online all the time. Now I am allowed just 2 hours to watch movies on that particular website. Before this, it was 10 hours. Now I changed it into 2 hours.
Alerts - Informs you when your out of time in a particular website
Alerts – Tells you when you’re out of time in a particular website


– In this option, you can choose whether or not to receive reports about your daily, weekly, monthly activities or you can choose “never” – to not be notified of your time spent online. Also, you can backup/synchronize your data in case of formatting your pc, laptop or anything else. But this is actually a premium feature which it will cost you 1$ to have this feature enabled.
Reports - Your activity reports
Reports – Your activity reports


– And here we go, Options Section. Here you can modify your settings as per your need. Like setting the length of stored history in days. I entered 0 for infinite days, but you can enter as many days as you like this app to store data about your online browsing time. You can set the first day of the week, in this case, mine is Monday. You can change your default pop action, your date format etc.
Options - Your settings
Options – Your own settings


– I like this extension to have in my browser. I use Chrome as my browser on my laptop. So this extension is actually for those users who use Google Chrome as their browser. And I am enjoying this extension because it has all those features that I mentioned to you all. My conclusion is that this extension app is worth it to have installed on your Chrome.


If you have any questions about it or if you enjoyed reading the article tell me down in the comments below and feel free to ask me privately on my contact page. Those are my final words about this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you!

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