Why Is Dropshipping Business The Most Trending Thing Now?

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Is it possible to start a t-shirt online business in 2017 ?

In the 21st century it is the time that everyone wants to start an online business or work from home because mankind is like that and time evolves through years.
In this post I want to share a research with you that I did about starting a business and choosing best dropshipping websites to start your online business.

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But I must mention that in this post I will not include any link, but I will just write the website in text and you can search yourself! Now why I am doing this? is because if I write other websites links on my blog it is bad for my blog SEO.

Let's get to the subject now...

Is it possible to start a t-shirt online busines in 2017?
Yes, It is.

If this is possible how should I start?
Well you should make a decision if you are truly ready for this because this will take you to an adventure. You should first define the problem you want to solve, after this do you have an idea to solve it, if yes do a market research what is trendy nowdays and start with that kind of business. But if no, then you should find what is interrupting you to start the business and then find a way to start.

Now Are you ready to take a look how to plan it all to do the research before you start, because if you do the research - the market research , target people and all of this in the good way then the end will be awesome and profitable. But I should mention this that you should not think just about money, think different like will this product will help the customers.

Let's start with my research I did:

1. You should do a research what is trendy nowdays - Product research

 Here are some examples:

Figure 1 - Trendy product research explained in graphics on google trends
Trendy Products Results  Explained in Graphics on Google Trends.

Well I just wrote some examples like tshirts, mugs, phone cases, hoodies and macha tea but you can do a research for what every you want or you think is trendy nowadays.

So in this figure you will see that the orange color is higher, that means that a phone case online business will worth it. You can design phone cases and sell them without spending your money.

The second that is higher enough to think is trendy is the red color that stands for mugs, for example coffe mugs . You could design what ever you want from your comfort of your home and start making money today.

I will not mention all of these because you will find what is favourite for you or for your research you will make, well this research I did is fresh because it is made on 24 april of 2017 and I think it is not so bad to  think about it .

2. Dropshipping websites research - The company to start with

Well on this figure you will see some of the best dropshipping companies to start with, I did this research of these companies, because it is good to make a research on these to get a reflection of which is more famous to start with. But before these five websites you see I had 20 more websites like these to start with but I did another research that took me much more time to came up with just these five you are seeing in the picture below. I came up with these five websites that are ranked more and have good quality products you can design, fast delivery and best customer service. So the research was awesome because I learned that many websites that I thought were best for me, wasn't like I thought because after research on google and some other websites I saw that customers reviews were not very high and they were dissapointed about customer service, the quality, delivering and all of this.
So after research the results were great and I came up with just these five best dropshipping companies to start your online business.

Figure 2 - Dropshipping Company Research
Dropshipping Company Research Results Explained in Graphics on Google Trends

These companies are high rating and I will mention that in some reviews I saw, doing the research which is best to start a business with by quality , fast delivering and customer service.
For example reviews I saw are saying that for the best customers service the customers were very pleasure with Zazzle.com 
Teespring.com - for quality and fast delivery.
Sunfrog.com - for fast delivery also.

But you should take a look at cafepress.com and society6.com because from the reviews they were great too.

Figure 3 - Company starting with research
Deciding which dropshipping company to choose after research.

Here is another piture of research I made in Google Trends (I told that I will not mention the website and I apologize for that, but you can search on google for it)
For example Etsy seems to be a good one to start selling with, right, because it seems to be on growing and up.
After Etsy , Vistaprint seems to be a good one also but we didn't do a research for it. You can do it if you want!

So I want to say that it is possible to start an online business from your comfort of your home and in many ways as you want, you just need to start , don't think to much how you will get there. Just think like you are there up with the business.

3. Market Research - Where to market your shop more

Well on this picture I did a research also where to share my shop more, so it seems very clear that facbook.com is a good opurtunity to start with because it is a big social network and can be very profitable for the business, but dont start just with facebook try with others also because instagram.com is another way to market your shop with and twitter.com , tumblr.com , pinterest.com also.

Figure 4 - Champaign Research
Facebook is the most popular network you can create a champaign for your choosed product.

Now you saw all of this , are you ready to bring your idea to life ?
If yes start now and help your community by solving a problem with your idea.

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If you have any questions please don't hesitate and fill on the comments below.

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Is it possible to start a t-shirt online business in 2017 ? In the 21st century it is the time that everyone wants to start an online business or work from home because mankind is like that and time evolves through years.